Rachael Paulson


Dr. Rachael Paulson

Power Level: 5; Power Points Spent: 12

STR: -1 (8), DEX: +0 (10), CON: -1 (9), INT: +2 (15), WIS: +1 (13), CHA: -1 (9)

Tough: -1, Fort: -1, Ref: +0, Will: +3

Skills: Computers 2 (+4), Knowledge: Life Sciences 8 (+10), Medicine 10 (+11), Prof: physician 4 (+5)

Attack Bonus: +0 (Ranged: +0, Melee: +0, Grapple: -1)

Unarmed Attack, +0 (DC 14)

Defense: +0 (Flat-footed: +0), Knockback: +1

Initiative: +0

Languages: Native Language


Dr. Rachael Paulson is a virologist and as close as there is to an expert on Xenovirus Takis-A in the area when the outbreak occurs. This puts her in charge of triage operations and advising the authorities (like Chief Sterns and Colonel Chase) with regard to infection vectors, safety measures, and the like. Dr. Paulson is both excited by this opportunity to exercise her untapped leadership skills and horrified by the death and suffering caused by the virus. She’s sympathetic to her patients, but also fascinated with the effects of the wild card in a clinical fashion, and sometimes goes off on tangents when confronted with a particularly interesting symptom or manifestation.

Similarly, Dr. Paulson is both grateful for any outside assistance and somewhat resentful about losing the spotlight to it. She would be delighted to meet Dr. Tachyon, for example, having followed his work extensively, but would also find the good doctor’s attitude and presence grating, making her a bit waspish. Paulson is in her late-30s, wears glasses, and has her hair pulled back in a sensible ponytail. She usually wears some small, tasteful jewelry (earrings, maybe a thin necklace chain), a collared shirt, and a lab coat, often with a stethoscope slung around her neck.

Wild Cards, p 239

Rachael Paulson

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